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Hello world!

Welcome to the CELTA_ITI blog!

Main aim

To let us know what you are doing, where you are working and how you are developing.

Sub aim

A chance for all of you who have done your CELTA with ITI to stay in touch with us and each other.

Personal aim

Β An opportunity for me to manage my first ever blog πŸ™‚


You and your experiences.

Anticipated problems and solutions

  • Problem: You might want to say something negative about a school that you’ve worked at or someone you’ve worked with.
  • Solution: Don’t!!


Let us know about:

  • your 1st job – where (in/out of Turkey), types of classes, contact hours, your experience
  • workshops, seminars, conferences etc you’ve attended
  • what you are learning about teaching as you gain more practical experience
  • lesson ideas and activities
  • useful websites or books
  • anything else you think is important to share

Also use the blog to ask for advice from us and each other.

Eagerly awaiting your posts πŸ™‚


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